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Crazy time is an innovative live dealer game. This slot was created by Evolution Gaming and released in June 2020. Crazy has become very popular among users due to its uniqueness and a number of features (as well as approval of gambling commission). Specifically, it allows you to literally play 4 other games while you’re playing one. These extra slots are called Crazy Time bonus games, and that’s where you can get the biggest win.

How Does The Crazy Time Studio Look?

crazy time studio look

Evolution Gaming did their best and created a truly beautiful and bright interface. It will certainly be remarkable even for a player who only saw the room briefly. The studio is made in circus style with a huge wheel in the center, which is hard to miss. It is the main tool that will help to make a profit. Another interesting feature is the connection of two completely different worlds: the real and the virtual. The transitions are done so skillfully that you can’t sometimes notice how the dealer room has been replaced by a splash screen.

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Basic Crazy Time Rules

crazy time rules

Developing the gameplay and mechanics without complicating the process is a complicated task, but the company nailed it. They created a most fun casino game with an interface understandable for every single player. Even beginners will fully realize the rules from the start. In case you doubt about getting the rules, read the article explaining the rules quickly.

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  1. Bet time is that one rule you should know by heart. Take it into consideration while playing, because you should be able to place in bet spot align horizontally. Player is given 10 seconds. The countdown timer will remind you if the time for bet is over.
  2. Range of money to bet is wide (10 INR – 100,000 INR). You can either bet small funds or enormous one. It only depends on your thoughts and strategies. But don’t neglect responsible gaming! It’s recommended to set some limits on your deposit in order not to waste all your money.
  3. The developer allows you to place bets on any sectors simultaneously. The number of chosen segments it’s up to you and your budget. Usually people random bet spot on one-two sectors, but some strategies require almost all of them.
  4. The number of spins is unlimited. You’re not prohibited to spend the whole day placing bets and seeing spinning Crazy Time wheel.

Crazy Time Casino Game Features

At first glance, track casino Crazy Time may seem like a fairly standard live dealer game. But its features make it incredibly popular and eye-catching. These qualities will not only simplify the game, but also make it more memorable.

  • Integration of several technologies into one fun casino game, such as random generator, video slots, augmented reality, etc.
  • Possibility to play in several fully different games at one slot.
  • Unusual for other live casino games, the interface has elements of circus.
  • Some features of bonus games allow you to get a significant increase in winning funds.
  • Possibility to customize your game (for example, the quality or volume of video).
  • RTP (return to player) is higher than average (96.08%).
  • Charismatic presenters that will undoubtedly keep your interest in Crazy Time India and complete their job on the highest level.
  • Intuitive slots’ interface helps players to get the rules as soon as possible. Even if you are a newbie here, you can start your game as you open it.

How to Play a Crazy Time Game?

  1. Register your account or log into it (if you already have one). It’s essential to choose that casino company you consider as the most suitable and reliable. In addition, that casino must have Crazy Time gambling in its slots.
  2. Play Crazy Time is forbidden without having any money in your account. If you are not an avid casino player, then replenish your account with the chosen amount.
  3. If you have already registered the account and put money into here, find the Crazy Time in slots and open it.
  4. If you see a Crazy Time live stream from the studio, it means you can place bets. They can be placed on eight symbols. All of them are presented on a wheel, but sectors with numbers are found here more often. So, there are two types of segments: usual and bonus. Usual ones have account numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 on them. The bonus games have full names of rounds: Cash Hunt Pachinko Coin Flip and Crazy Time. If you wish, place corresponding bet spot on just one option or all of them. Don’t forget about the bet period: make in time all desired bets.
    crazy time account numbers
  5. The croupier in the studio launches the wheel when the bet time has expired. Simultaneously, the Top Slot panel with different multipliers will be moving. If the wheel stops one random bet spot you have chosen, you will get your stake multiplied. But if you have placed a Crazy Time bonus game and it has won, you should play one more round with special rules and features.

cray time next games

Crazy Time Bet Options

The Crazy gives you several options to bet. Firstly, you can do it at the time you want. Just use chips to place bets at sectors you desire. Secondly, you are offered to choose the auto option. This choice is frequently used in some strategies because they require it. In addition, you shouldn’t be frightened to make a bet within 10 seconds.

Maximum And Minimum Multipliers Of Crazy Time

Multipliers are tools that increase your winnings. For example, if you placed 50 INR, you can return 25,000 with x50. In a usual game with a wheel lands the minimum multiplier values are x1, but the maximum one is x50. However, if you are playing the Crazy Time bonus game, you can get up to x20,000. It’s possible.only in that game. Of course, in other bonus rounds the max multiplier is smaller that in bonus Crazy Time, but also significant.

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What Are My Chances Of Winning In Crazy Time?

Chance of winning is an essential thing to consider and understand. This will be helpful in creating a strategy and simply not to lose your money. To analyze your chances of winning, you should understand the RTP. RTP of a slot machine is one of the key indicators of all licensed online casinos. Knowing this parameter gives an idea of ​​the generosity of the slot, and also helps to choose the optimal betting strategy. It shows the statistical probability of winning in percents. It is not enough to know the return percentage, but it is also important to understand how it works in practice. So, RTP = 95% means that the player will return 95% of all bets made, but in the long run. It is not correct to believe that if you spend 100 coins in 10 or 100 spins, then you will definitely win 95. The minimum length of distance is 1000 spins, and developers themselves check the return on several million spins.

Crazy Time RTP

Casino gives an RTP of 96.08% (it’s theoretical). However, you should know that it can’t be applied to all sectors. The RTP above is the highest among other RTPs, as well as higher than above in all games. The value changes in accordance with the segment. You can see the RTP table in detail below.


Segment RTP
1 96.08%
2 95.95%
5 95.78%
10 95.73%
Cash Hunt 95.27%
Pachinko 94.33%
Coin Flip 95.70%
Crazy Time 94.41%


Bonus Games In The Crazy Time Slots

How many bonus games does Crazy Time has? There are four bonus games in Crazy Time live casino: Cash Hunt Pachinko Coin Flip and Crazy Time. All of them have different quantities in the wheel. For instance, Coin Flip has 4 sectors, Pachinko and Cash Hunt possess 2, and Crazy Time has only 1. Please note that you must make a wager at the bonus game round locations on the wheel to play the bonus games. The frequency of sectors in the main money wheel depends on the possible winnings. For example, Crazy Time bonus has the smallest amount of sectors. Thereafter, you will get the highest win.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

The Cash Hunt Bonus appears only twice in the Crazy Wheel of Time. This bonus round is a shooting game containing random multipliers scattered across the screen. All the multipliers are covered with random symbols and mixed up so you won’t know which is which. Use your luck to decide where is the biggest multiplier. To take part in this interactive bonus round, choose the symbol that you think has the highest multiplier. To choose one, use your mouse or your finger (depending on the device you use) to aim and fire a cannon at the symbol of your choice on shooting gallery. After choosing, all multipliers are revealed and you can see what you chose.

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Pachinko Bonus Game

crazy time pachinko bonus game

Pachinko is a bonus round that does not require players to intervene (as Coin Flip). Here the host uses a large pachinko wall with physical pegs.

crazy time pachinko

And at the bottom you will find a number of prizes. The objective of this game is to puck lands on the reels to claim your prize. The puck, of course, is thrown by the host, but you have to guess in which drop zone it lands. You guess right – you win. But don’t think that you can easily predict where the ball will land if you see where the game presenter throws it. First, the host throws it randomly: if you follow the game, you will notice that there are no patterns. Secondly, the pegs will prevent the ball from landing in the landing zones. Instead, it bounces from left to right, so there’s no guarantee where it will land.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

The essence of Coin Flip bonus is to predict what color will be dropped randomly. The double-sided coin has two colors: red and blue. You should bet on the one that seems most likely to you now. Noteworthy, it is not the machine that throws the coin, but the host. This shows that there are no mechanisms that decide in advance what will fall out. On the machine, there are two amounts of random multiplier. And depending on red or blue side your coin lands on, that multiplier is applied to your win. In addition, the Coin Flip is very frequent. The most common sector Coin Flip takes up four spaces on the spinning wheel.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The biggest bonus round in the game. Undoubtedly, the Crazy Time bonus round is a place to win big money, and getting into this part will be a pure joy for any player. However, it is also the most difficult round to get. Here the host opens red door and enters a room with another large wheel. In comparison to the usual wheel, this one has three arrows, all in different colors: green, yellow, and blue. The game begins when you choose the arrow you think will give you the maximum winnings. Once the money wheel stops, the chosen color determines your winnings. If the flapper points to the double/triple section, you can spin the wheel again, which allows you to get even more winnings.

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Video Slot

If your desire is to get a decent amount while playing Crazy Time, do not neglect the Video slot. There is a small chance that the one random multiplier will fall into this section while playing the bonus game. Thus, the winning will be multiplied by face value.

Main Peculiarities Of Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time may initially look like a standard wheel live casino game, but it actually has a lot of interesting differences. They make it unforgettable for users and make them choose it. The Crazy interface itself has interesting peculiarities:

  • Here are available the chat right during the game process. You can communicate with both other players and customer support service.
    crazy time chat
  • If you are tired of seeing only the presenter with the motley wheel, you can look at other interesting casino slots. Meanwhile, the game itself will be in a small window at the bottom, so you will definitely see the Crazy Time results today and won’t skip them. This feature is called Lobby.
  • In order not to write down all your winnings and Crazy Time results manually, you can go to the Crazy Time history section when the game is over and look for your betting information there. You can even do this while playing the game. This section is available even if you haven’t placed any bets yet.
  • Sometimes there are changes in limits in different rates for different winning segment. So that you do not find this information on various unverified sites, the developer has created the Limits and payouts section, where all the relevant information about this is located.
  • If you are unhappy with the default video and audio settings, you can change them manually in the Settings section. This feature is designed to make you enjoy the process to the fullest.

crazy time settings

Crazy Time Payouts

The most enjoyable thing for any player is to get a big win. You need to know the features of payments in different segments in order to understand what your winnings will be. By the way, the correct prediction allows you to instantly receive funds to your account. Instant payouts are an indicator not only of reliability, but also of brand stability. Verified online casinos will not risk their well-deserved reputation, so there will be no problems with withdrawing money.

limits and payouts

Payouts are not the same for all segments. It depends on how often this segment occurs on the wheel.

  • Payout for winning in 1 segment is 1:1
  • Payout for winning in 2 segment is 2:1
  • Payout for winning in 5 segment is 5:1
  • Payout for winning in 10 segment is 10:1
  • The maximum payout in all segments (including bonus ones) €500,000.

Crazy Time Strategy To Win

In reality, no proven strategy works every time you play. However, here are a few things worth noting. Online casino Crazy Time has 8 different bets and they all have different RTPs. If we look at this statistically, it is worth betting on the number spaces. However, choosing number Crazy Time slots means you won’t win big prizes. However, if you want to take the risk, here is a safer option that is used by many players.

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First, winning big requires you to wager on bonus rounds. So when you place your first round bet choose all other fields except the 1x slot. In this way, the risk is reduced while giving you the opportunity to win big.

Pros & Cons Of Crazy Time In India

Crazy Time is a great game and like everything it has its benefits and drawbacks. To get an accurate understanding of whether this game is interesting for you and whether you want to play it, you should consider all its pros and cons.

✅This slot is very detailed, because it was developed for a long time (a whole year) by a group of professionals. This is what shows its quality. In addition, it is the most expensive in the history of Evolution Gaming.

✅The game combines the real and fun virtual world, which is an interesting connection for the player. Both are skillfully executed, and therefore do not bother the players.

✅High RTP, which shows that there is an opportunity to return your funds and even make good money.

✅There are 4 bonus rounds inside Crazy Time that allow you to literally play the game and not get tired of the constant wheel spin.

✅ The ability to contact support directly during the game and get a quick response if there are any problems.

❌Some segments have below average RTP

❌Sometimes images look too busy, which can be distracting


What is the Maximum Win?

The biggest amount that can be won by any Crazy Time player is called Maximum win. As usual, the maximum win is measured in two parameters: funds and multiplier. Therefore, the maximum win is the bet multiplied by 20,000. But it will not exceed INR.

What is the Minimum Deposit?

The smallest amount that allows the user to start betting and get winning if the prediction comes true is called Minimum deposit. In India, the minimum deposit is INR (rarely, but it depends on the casino company).

What is the Game Number?

If you look at the Crazy Time wheel, you will certainly see the numbers on some of the sectors. Each of them is called "game number" and has their own features and rules. These game numbers are accordingly 1, 2, 5, and 10.

What is the Crazy Time RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player. This percentage shows how much money a player can return. So Crazy Time is an amazing live casino slot in this aspect, because it has RTP 96.08%, which is higher than average.

Is There a Chat in the Online Game?

Yes, you can communicate via Crazy Time live chat during the game process. The developers decided to help you not feel lonely during the playing. Sp, while doing it you can talk with ordinary players or ask some questions to customer support service.

What do Statistics Mean in the Game Interface?

Crazy Time stats can be shown during the game. And it shows helpful information, which allows you to create some strategies in order to to see the frequency of winnings.

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